Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beauty that is More than Skin Deep

A lot of times we try to seek happiness from our environment. I find myself thinking all the time things like "I'm in such a good mood because this cute boy texted me" or "I can't believe I failed that exam! I'm so stupid!" Not only will this negative self-talk most certainly not improve your attitude, but these types of thoughts are ridiculous! Your worth is not defined by how many dates you go on or what your GPA is. You are priceless! And you should be happy with who YOU are, not what you think other people see you as.

Women especially seem to have a skewed perception of their physical attractiveness, believing that they are too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too pale, too dark; their hair is too short, their fingers are too long, and their eyes are too squinted. The media doesn't help these insecurities at all. Models are often portrayed as being tall and skinny, with the perfect eyes, hair, lips, and breasts.

I posted links to the following videos because I think they do an excellent job of showing how wrong we are in believing that we are ugly and that others view us that way.

Dove Evolution
Body Evolution
Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Another thing we can learn from these videos is the idea that models are beautified and photoshopped to the extreme in order to portray the image of the most "beautiful," "desirable," or "sexy" woman. However, this image simply isn't real. The following are pictures of a few movie stars with and without makeup. They really open your eyes to that fact that they are just normal human beings like us, still plenty beautiful without all that makeup.

Part of finding happiness is learning to love yourself unconditionally, imperfections and all. We all have physical and character traits that we like about ourselves, as well as ones we wish we didn't have. Comparing ourselves to others is useless. Sure, they may have a strength that is our weakness, but they have weaknesses as well. Recognizing that we all have strengths and weaknesses will allow us to overcome our feelings of inadequacy and learn to love ourselves for who we truly are.

Your job now is to love yourself unconditionally for the person you are, no matter what.


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