Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When you're [Not] Happy and You Know it

One of life's greatest questions is "How can I be happy?" To some it may seem obvious, while others have a more difficult time. I don't blame anyone that has trouble finding joy in a world with so much confusion, stress, and uncertainty. For me happiness is about taking it one day at a time and noticing the little things. But sometimes it's really hard to be happy, especially on those days when you're late to work and you lock your keys in the car and you get home and burn your ramen on the stove and then you realize the next season of Psych isn't out yet.

Well my job is hopefully to make your life a little happier, if not easier. With the popularity of blogs skyrocketing nowadays, I figured why not create one that focuses on making other people happy? My hope is that at least a percentage of the things I post will cheer you up and that we can all work together to make happiness a regular emotion and not just a once-a-month venture.

Happy reading!


P.S. I am in LOVE with Calvin and Hobbes, so you can expect some regular cartoons along with my posts.

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