Saturday, September 13, 2014

You don't know a Good Thing 'Till it's Gone

One of the things I do all too often is take blessings for granted. I think we all do it, almost without thinking. And suddenly when the blessing is gone we realize how lucky we were to have it. For me, an example of this is my mother. Growing up my whole life she has been the one to fix me food, drive me places, do my laundry, laugh with me on the good days, and cry with me on the bad days. And then comes that momentous day in every teenager's life to leave home and step out into the world, alone. I absolutely love college, but I can honestly say one of the things I miss the most about home is my mom. While she is still alive and I can still talk to her, she isn't right there like she always was. I'm trying to work harder in life at focusing on what I have NOW and being grateful for it. You never know when it might disappear.

Now go tell those you love that you love 'em!


P.S. Here's some lovin' from Calvin and Hobbes.

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