Monday, September 29, 2014

Finding Love in a Hopeless Place

Sometimes life seems hopeless. The world often seems chaotic and critical and it's hard to find a place where we fit in, much less a place where we can be happy. For me, the best way to find happiness in a messed up world is doing things I love. This includes hobbies, but it can also be something very simple. For example, music inspires me and excites me, even me on the worst days. When I'm in a bad mood it only takes about 10 minutes of Pandora to change that.

Finding simple "fixes" such as this can help when you really don't have time to devote to lots of hobbies and recreational activities. So what is your "guilty pleasure?" Well oftentimes you can make the time to do the things you love without giving up other endeavors. I like to go by the 15 minute rule. If you're feeling really stressed out, take 15 minutes and do something just for you. Whether it's music, art, reading, shooting hoops, or even social media, spend 15 minutes doing something you thoroughly enjoy. Taking a couple short breaks like this every day has helped me so much already through the stresses of school.

So keep your head up and treat yourself to a little happiness today!


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